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Tickets to Zorn- a swedish superstar

What does a slot time mean?

A slot time means that you reserve a specific day and timeframe for admission to the exhibition. Your ticket is valid for one entrance only and you can therefore not enter the exhibition after or before your slot time begins.

Can I enter the exhibition several times during my slot time?

The ticket only gives access to one entrance opportunity.

Do I have access to entire museum with my ticket?

Nationalmuseum's collections are free of charge to visit and do not require a ticket. The exhibition Snowcrash requires a separate ticket that can be pre-booked on this website or purchased on site at the museum.

How many people do you allow in the exhibition?

We follow the Swedish Public Health Agency regulations that visitors must have 10 squaremeters to their disposal. 

Can I purchase a ticket on site at the museum?

You need to pre purchase a ticket to guarantee a spot in the exhibition. If you do not have the oportunity to pre purchase your ticket you can visit the museum and check if there are any available tickets left. Since there are a limited amount of tickets sold each day, Nationalmuseum can not guarantee available tickets.

I am entitled to free admission, do I need to pre-book my ticket?

Yes, you must pre-book your ticket before your visit even if you are entitled to free admission. You must be able to present an evidence that entitles you to have free admission when arriving to the museum.

I'm going to visit the exhibition with children/a youth. Does the child/youth need a ticket?

Yes, everyone in the company must have a valid ticket.

We only want to eat at the restaurant / visit the museum shop, do we have to pre-book a ticket?

No, Restaurang Nationalmuseum and the museum shop are kept open for visitors without a ticket. Please note that queues outside and inside the museum may occur.

I haven't received my tickets that i bought online

First check your spam folder if the confirmation is there. Otherwise contact and enter your name and the date and time you have booked.

Where and when do I present my ticket?

Outside the exhibition on floor 6. To prevent crowding we ask you kindly to queue outside the exhibition when your slot time begins.

Does the ticket give me priority in the event of a queue outside the museum?

Unfortunately not. We therefore recommend you to be at the museum well in advance of your slot time. 

Are there any student/senior discounts?

Unfortunately not. We offer a reduced price certain hours. You can check the slot times here .

Why do you ask visitors to enter in groups of 4?

To prevent crowding in the first section of the exhibition. (at the introduction text of the exhibition)


Schools and large groups

Our school wants to see the exhibition, what are we going to do?

Schools are welcome to visit the museum but to visit Zorn you need to pre-book 4 tickets at a time. We ask you to divide yourselves into smaller groups of 4 before your visit and to inform in advance the school's name and contact person to As a teacher, you are responsible for your class. Teachers with accompanying class and children and young people 0-19 years old have free admission to the exhibition. Book in your students under the ticket category "Children and youth (0-19 years)"

Can I visit the exhibition with a large group?

No, due to current wide spread of the covid-19 virus we only permit 4 people per booking. The same rules for schoolclasses applies to large groups.


Rebookings and cancellations of tickets

I want to cancel my tickets and have a refund 

You'll need to provide us with a valid medical certificate to have a refund.

Is it possible to rebook my ticket?

You can rebook your ticket on through here . Please note that there are restrictions on the times you can rebook. This is because different slot times are governed by different regulations in the ticket system.

Can I rebook only one of my many tickets?

Unfortunately not. The entire booking should be included in the event of a rebooking.

My slot time has passed, can i rebook my ticket?

Unfortunately not. Rebookings must be made well in advance to give us the opportunity to make the tickets available for others. After your slot time has passed, your ticket is considered consumed.